Welcome to The Daily Herb: A Country Woman’s Journal

This is the entry page to Sara’s blog.  These pages will dally in poetry and practicality–herb as metaphor and remedy.  The thoughtful reader may find book reviews, cultural/political commentary and eclectic bric-a-brac.  The pragmatic of mind will find seasonal garden advice,  herbal knowledge, recipes and crafts.  Below is the theme poem for the blog.


The Daily Herb

Healing is no easy matter.
At times, bitter herbs are needed.
One must kneel daily
to discern among the many leaves.
I nibble around the margins
and consider the whole plant.
I examine the root for fractures.

In this placid place
we must choose the remedy
for spirit, soul or body.
We may salt the flesh or savour the symbol,
all being reconciled
where He became hyssop.

©  “Copyright October 11, 2010 by Sara Hall”
All Rights Reserved.
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