Recipes and Food Tips

In this category one may find recipes and food tips that might interest gardeners, country people, urban farmers or preppers.

Oftentimes country people need ideas for using the foods they produce and preserve.  Many times these are not full-fledged recipes, but ideas for including homegrown and preserved foods in delicious dishes that are not too unfamiliar to children and spouses.  I include these ideas under the title Tips.

Other times I will include certain recipes that I have picked up in over 45  years of cooking and living in the country, often without elecricity or even running water.  In other words, I lived without refrigeration for 15 years.   This made innovation and versatility bywords in my kitchen.  Over the years, other women have generously shared their recipes with me.

I will be adding to this page very gradually. Check back from time to time.

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