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On the Arts of Peace and the Devices of War

Just Between You, Me and the Gatepost: Caribou and Environmental Posers

Infiltration of LittleTown U.S.A.: Agenda 21 in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Part 1

Infiltration of LittleTown, U.S.A.: Agenda 21 in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Part 2

Infiltration of LittleTown, U.S.A.: The Wildlands Project and Agenda 21 in Idaho, Part 3

Conservation Easements: Locking Up LittleTown, Part 4

American Environmentalism: Controlled by the Billionaire’s Club and Unknown Foreign Entities

 Free-Trade Masquerade: Fast Track Authority, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Constitutional Tipping Point, Part 1

 The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty: America On the Auction Block, Part 2

Tools of Social Control? The Southern Poverty Law Center Watch Lists

DIY Tip for Millennials: Think for Yourself

Telling On Themselves: Rural Cleansing in Idaho and Montana

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4 Responses to Politics

  1. Julia Hodgson says:

    I kept the link to this page because of the articles, especially the one from Libby, Mt. where I lived while in High School. My father poured concrete on the Libby Dam. Something that could not happen in this climate. I have also been tracking and watching the changes to lifestyle from Agenda 21. Some of your links to video’s etc are no longer good. Do you still publish? Do you still have articles on Agenda 21? Do you have new links to the videos?

    • PoetHerbalist says:

      Julia, how interesting that your father worked on the Libby Dam. That is an interesting subject to explore. I will be publishing more on Agenda 21 from time to time. I think I will focus, however, on the underpinning ideas that are bringing about globalism, of which Agenda 21 is a symptom. Thank you so much for commenting.

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