The Savoury Symbol

I enjoy a good meal–
all that ruminating
on bread and wine.
Evenings, I withdraw
to a repast of locust fruit,
honey and golden apples;
a candlestick, a manuscript
and vials of holy water
from Our Lady of Lourdes.

My friends nudge each other,
“There’s nothing on her plate.”
I smile, “Bread without bread
is not bread.  An ill-nourished life
lacks hospitality.”

I find my appetite has grown.
I devour mountains and valleys,
rivers, the Joshua tree,
entire cathedrals; Athens
and the ancient academy at Alexandria;
gardens, the painted caves of Lascaux,
and an unnamed spring around Havre, Montana.

After I’m gone,
the curious may open me up
to read the entrails.
They’ll find the whole geography
assimilated, now a map
to a world charted
by divine Abstraction.

       © Copyright October 31, 2010 by Sara Hall
      All Rights Reserved
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