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Here is a list of links and resources for learning about issues regarding rural people and their struggle to preserve their way of life and liberty.  I will be adding to this list, so keep checking back.

Exploring the Hage Family 30 Year Litigation Experience

Learn more about the history of government incursion on private property rights in the West by reviewing one ranch family’s struggle (audio file).


Here is the same history recounted, as above, by Ramona Hage Morrison, the daughter of this family, now grown and married.  This is a write-up in Range Magazine


Michael Coffman, PhD.:  C-Span video

Important presentation  on American philosophical and political foundations for private property rights (fairly short video).


Christian Farm and Homestead: The Voice of the Covenantal Agrarian Resistance on BlogTalk Radio

Scott M Terry and his BlogTalk Radio guests discuss practical matters of homestead arts and crafts, but also consider the political and cultural aspects of the agrarian viewpoint.  Entertaining and thoughtful web site.

Below are some especially intriguing broadcasts concerning agrarianism and our interface with government and industrialism.

The Gov’t’s War on Small Farms

Sally Oh, from the Farm Food Freedom KY organization, joins Scott Terry to talk about the war on small farms being waged by federal, state and local agencies and large agri-business. Learn what Farm Food Freedom KY has been… more


John Moody / The Farm to Consumer Defense Fund

John Moody, a board member of The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, joins us to talk about the organization and what it does to protect small farmers and consumers. We will also talk about some recent legal cases involving


 Industrialism and the Church

With a few notable exceptions, the Christian church has embraced industrialism with open arms. In fact, much of the church has adopted the worldview of industrialism and applied it to the faith. Join Scott M Terry, Richard Grossman… more


 Christian Agrarian Critique of Modern Capitalism

Scott M Terry will be joined by David E Rockett to discuss what’s wrong with modern capitalism from a Christian agrarian perspective. David is the author of a booklet titled “A Christian Agrarian Critique of Modern Capitalism” and was also…


Effects of the Industrial Revolution on the Christian Family

Join Scott Terry and Tony Konvalin as they examine the effects of the industrial revolution on the institution on the family and culture as a whole. Was the industrial revolution a blessing or a curse? Has life for the average person really… more


Ken Ivory of The American Lands Council in Montana

Both halves of a video presentation of Ken Ivory of the American Lands Council in Thompson Falls, Montana. This is a presentation about transferring Federal lands to states, and the existing legal precedent for that transfer.  It features Montana Senator Jennifer Fielder as well. The Sanders County Natural Resource Council put this on.

Part 1

Part 2

The quick 4-minute video of Ken Ivory’s case presented on Fox News 


American Lands Council

If your browser is a bit outdated, the archived site is friendlier.  Look for the link titled “Looking for our Old site?” on their new web site linked to above.


Tom DeWeese Discusses Agenda 21 on Fox News

 A quick video offering a synopsis of the Agenda 21 issue.


The August Forecast and Review

There is no doubt that Agenda 21 is the single, most important threat to rural life.  As it happens, it is also the single, most important threat to urban and city life as well.  Though this next series of videos deals a lot with California, I have found it most valuable for understanding what is happening to Idaho and other rural areas, as California is the globalists’ pilot program.  You need some time to watch this six-part series of videos. 

This is a 2014 conference of the leaders of the opposition to Agenda 21 and Technocracy, including Patrick Wood: Co-author of Trilaterals over Washington, Economist and Financial Analyst to speak on the emergence of Technocracy, the political-economic design of a planned coming scientific dictatorship.  Debbie Bacigalupi: General election Congressional candidate (2012) and expert on Agenda 21, will provide background information on the ongoing transformation of our government.

Heather Gass: Leader of the East Bay Tea Party and Agenda 21 expert, will show how ABAG’s One Bay Area is designed to herd Bay Area residents into stack and pack housing, get them out of their cars and more.

Rosa Koire: Author and former state appraiser, will speak on Agenda 21 implementation around the world and the pending lawsuit to halt the One Bay Area plan.

Michael Shaw: Self-employed businessman, a founder of, and long standing opponent of Agenda 21 and Regionalism, will discuss the political underpinnings of Regionalism and discuss what individuals can do to restore local government and preserve the American experiment.

Also, elected officials from around the state discuss how local government has been submerged by the federalized Regional COG system of governance designed to overtake the whole of the Country. These individuals are:

Matt Grocott – City Council – San Carlos, CA (SF Peninsula)
Mike Munzing – City Council – Aliso Viejo, CA (Orange County)
Steve Brandau – City Council – Fresno, CA (Central Valley)


The Post Sustainability Institute

This is a web site that is affiliated with Rosa Koire and Democrats Against Agenda 21


 False, Bogus, Capitalist Environmentalism

This is a collection of essays written by Michael Barker.  Barker appears to be a man of the Left, and seems to blame capitalism for the problems associated with the current co-option of the environmental movement.  I am a conservative, and I see the problem in somewhat different terms.  Nonetheless, Barker’s research and writing are immaculate and perceptive. The many meticulous citations and bibliographical references are invaluable in tracing the connections between crony capitalists and their efforts to control the natural world for their own profit.

Some exploration on the web site, Swans, will turn up other writers on the subject who have important insights into the problem.


Idahoans Against Agenda 21Fighting to protect the freedom and the future of the Gem State

Karen is the webmistress of Idahoans Against Agenda 21.  She does extensive research which gives her a bird’s-eye view of the many aspects of Agenda 21.  Her site is informative and especially vital for Idahoans.    Idahoans Against Agenda 21 makes the following invitation:

Join Us

“It is our goal to establish several chapters throughout the state of Idaho in order to become an efficient network of freedom-minded activists in the fight against Agenda 21.  If you have a group or are trying to create a group in your area, please let us know so we can add your contact and meeting information to this page.”

Thank you, Karen, for this important resource.


Defend Rural America

Kirk Mackenzie gives valuable information about the many ways in which rural Americans are under attack.  This site also offers important resources for educating yourself and others about the scientific and legal aspects of the struggle.


Fred Kelly Grant

Fred Kelly Grant has been in this fight for a long time.  He is an attorney from Idaho, and he pioneered the legal technique called Coordination, a technique that has been used in Idaho and elsewhere to defend rural communities.  Above is a link to his blog.

Coordination: Fred Kelly Grant

This is is a video in which Grant explains the Coordination process, and how he first implemented this process in Owyhee County, Idaho.  At the time Grant made this video, Owyhee county had held off the destruction of the ranching way of life for 15 years.


Elizabeth Nickson

Elizabeth Nickson has written for world-class publications, including Time, Vogue, Life, and Harpers.  She loves and respects the natural world, and is, in no way, trying to say we don’t have responsibilities to care for nature.  Yet she is dedicated to showing that Agenda 21 and the political/social system that is being imposed on us has nothing really to do with that responsibility.  This is a link to her web site.  She has written thoughtful essays and has good insights.


American Stewards

 This site offers information and training about Coordination and other land-use issues.  Here is a quote from their site: “Today, nearly half the land in our nation is owned by government, international corporations and land trusts. The rest is highly regulated. We are rapidly losing the ability to own private property, and as a result feed our families from the fruit of our land, as well as protect our individual liberties. We are working to change this!

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