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Tools of Social Control? The Southern Poverty Law Center Watch Lists

We must be getting on someone’s nerves. In an obvious move to silence political opposition, the Department of Homeland Security-affiliated Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has again placed those of us who speak out against the United Nations, NAFTA, free-trade … Continue reading

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty: America on the Auction Block

Free-Trade Masquerade, Part 2 In the first installment of this series, Free-Trade Masquerade Part 1, I explained how the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty is likely being designed to undermine American sovereignty, and why Congress has a responsibility to protect … Continue reading

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Free-Trade Masquerade: Fast Track Authority, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Constitutional Tipping Point, Part 1

After the mid-term elections, you may have heard Mitch McConnell make public statements about the GOP being willing to work with President Obama to push through free-trade agreements.  McConnell said that GOP leaders favor free trade and believe it brings … Continue reading

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American Environmentalism: Controlled by the Billionaire’s Club and Unknown Foreign Entities

So now we know.  At least we know more about the money flow and the complex machine behind radical environmental activists.  The United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Work just issued a Minority Staff Report entitled The Chain … Continue reading

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